How Psychological Complexes Affect Celebrities

Watching Norman Bates’ creepy love for his mother brought light to Oedipus complex, which most people had probably never heard of up until that point. Actors and actresses do a fantastic job of painting these characters onto the silver screen, but you have to wonder if any of them suffer from a psychological complex of their own once the camera is switched off and “normal” life begins.

The problem here is that the line between reality and the perceived life of a celebrity is often blurred to the point where it’s hard to tell if they have real problems or are just “acting out.” It’s often not until someone in the public eye takes their own life that we realize that they really did have some serious psychological issues.

 While those may not be apparent until it’s too late, there are others that everyone is aware of, yet seem unable to change. I am of course talking about what women have to deal with once they enter the Hollywood lifestyle.

Many of the psychological issues that female celebrities have to deal with don’t really arrive until they have made a name for themselves in the entertainment world or in public life. Perhaps the most famous of those was Princess Diana who suffered from bulimia for a period of her life.

 The stress of being a part of the media spotlight and constantly having her appearance commented on led her to this drastic measure. Weight plays a major role in driving women to do things that they normally wouldn’t, and is the most common of the psychological complexes that beset the celebrity world.

Female celebrities are basically forced to look at themselves in a critical manner, understanding that if they don’t control their weight or get rid of visible lines, they will likely be cast aside in favor of the next new starlet.

It’s an unfair evaluation that is not applied to their male counterparts, although height can often be an issue for some male stars. There are some big name celebrities that have been known to be more than a little sensitive about their height, with many developing what some might perceive as a Napoleon complex.

The most famous of those diminutive stars is reportedly Tom Cruise, who it is claimed will demand to be shot in a way that makes him appear much taller than he truly is. His co-stars are often chosen by height, again so that Cruise will appear larger on screen. You have to wonder why a star of his stature would even care, especially since he is one of the biggest stars in the world.

 It seems to be part of his nature, so he might actually have difficulty controlling it; that is if you believe the stories that surface about his lack of height. It has been rumored that he demanded that his previous wives not wear heels of any kind when they were with him, but that may just be the sort of tale that sells tabloids.

A good many of us tend to think of celebrities as a narcissistic bunch, but the fact is that their job often depends on it. There are very few of us that have to worry about losing our job if we gain a few pounds or start showing the visible signs of aging.

 If you look at it in that way, it’s easy to see why so many celebrities develop psychological problems about the way they look. That adds a level of stress that most of us can’t even begin to fathom, and it may go a long way towards explaining why so many celebrities leave us, long before their time on Earth should naturally be over.

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