Celebrity Role Models That Have Beat Addiction

Celebrities are often in the news so much that most people have associated with their issues at one time or another. As some consistently choose to follow the lives of such popular celebs as Brad Pitt, Angelina Julie, Robin Williams and Samuel L. Jackson, it is always refreshing to hear about those that have regained control of their lives through drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation.

Several celebrities have tried their hand at drugs and/or alcohol, and a number of them even have fallen into the path of severe addiction. A number of celebrities have also ended their lives due to drug and/or alcohol overdose, or drug related suicide.

Here are brief lists of celebrities that were addicted to a harmful substance, but through a rehabilitation program, have turned their lives around for the better:

Robin Williams: 

This well-known actor and comedian have graced most of our television screens at one time or another. His funny-guy acts have made us laugh over the years, and most wouldn’t know that at one time he gravely suffered from an addiction to cocaine.

In the late nineteen seventies to early eighties, Williams suffered from a cocaine addiction that he stated needed to be amended due to the birth of his son. In two thousand and six, Robin Williams checked himself into a rehab center in New berg, Oregon, to which he now explains has rid him of the cocaine addiction completely.

Angelina Julie: 

This seductive wild-girl has expressed her experiences with almost every drug imaginable, although her major issues were faced when she came to terms with an addiction to both LSD and heroine. After traveling bravely through a rehab program, the actress has since cleaned up her act, teaming up with Brat Pitt and mothering a large brood of adopted and birthed children. Julie also now holds the distinguished title of Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Refugee Agency.

Drew Barrymore:

At age eleven Barrymore stated that she was already an alcoholic, also smoking cigarettes by age nine. She then adapted an addiction to cocaine in her early teens, also attempting drug related suicide at age fourteen.

After traveling through rehabilitation programs, Drew now prides her on living a sober and responsible lifestyle. Recently seen in movies such as 50 First Dates, and Charlie’s Angels, Barrymore has made a positive life change, reflecting not only her career as an actress, but also for her overall health.

There are many celebrities still out there suffering with painful and harmful addictions, but those that have turned their lives around are reaping the benefits. It’s never too late to amend your lifestyle, and begin to live a life of sobriety.

 If you or someone you know is currently suffering from an addiction to either alcohol or drugs, it is often best to immediately consult a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Professionals at these establishments can assist you or a loved one in walking down the path to a clean and healthy recovery.

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