Becoming Photography Professional – Why You Need Passion

Becoming a Wedding Photography Professional - Why You Need Passion

People who are considering making careers in wedding photography are often told that they need to be people with great passion for photography. The business of wedding photography, as the name suggests, involves taking photographs during wedding ceremonies – and whole load of other events that precede and follow the wedding ceremony.

Originally developed to cater for the tastes of rich couples (at a time when photography was still an expensive venture), wedding photography soon evolved into an integral part of every wedding. This way, in many people’s estimation, a wedding without a photographer is viewed as incomplete.

 Even couples planning on very low budget weddings tend to go to great lengths, to ensure that they still have the photography well handled. In short, wedding photography has come to be considered an essential expenditure during any wedding, much like the expenditure on the minister who officiates the ceremony.

With the evolution of marriage photography into an integral part of the wedding ceremony has come the birth of an industry revolving around the provision of wedding photography services. This is an industry in every sense of the word; complete with its own professionals.

Now people considering becoming marriage photography professionals are usually advised that they need to be have a strong passion for photography. Ideally, they are required to be people whose passion for the art of photography is so strong that they would do it for free, if it came to that. But why is that so, you ask?

Well, the main reason why passion is an important attribute in any one aspiring to a career in wedding photography is because wedding photography can often turn out to be a very involving and challenging undertaking. Thus, one often finds themselves in a situation where they need more motivation that just the money, to keep going: which is where a passion for the art comes in.

To an external observer, of course, marriage photography seems to be an exciting and glamorous undertaking. The fact that through it one gets to work in ever-cheerful occasions (weddings always are) makes one – observing from outside – wonder where the pressure comes in. But the truth of the matter is that the wedding photography professional is usually under pressure from every possible direction.

For starters, the wedding photography professional is likely to be from pressure for him or herself, to ensure that he or she gets everything right. He or she knows that failing to get things right would be failing the wedding couple in a big way, an unforgivable way. If he or she is employed, there is pressure from the employer to get everything right; otherwise he could get fired.

For this is a business where reputation matters a great deal. If he or she is in business, there is even more pressure to get things right: otherwise risk losing business reputation. There is of course, subtle pressure from the wedding couple: who typically come to the photographer personally, and ask him or her not to let them down.

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