The Cost of Owning a Digital Camera

The Cost of Owning a Digital Camera

It is a common knowledge that purchasing a digital camera is very costly. Aside from the actual camera expenditure, it will usually require costs beyond the camera alone.

You may even find yourself spending more on the accessories and other additional services than the camera itself. Therefore, it is important that you budget adequately for any extra charges that could come about after buying the digital camera of your dreams.

Memory cards

You will realize that most digital cameras will usually be provided with low capacity memory cards. At this point, you will certainly want to upgrade to a larger one so it is advisable that you determine your needs first before deciding to shop for one. A memory card will usually range from $10- $20 depending on its brand and size.


This is the next accessory you will need to consider. The first thing you need to do is to check out what kind of battery your digital camera uses. If it comes with a rechargeable battery then you may want to purchase a second one to have a back-up option in the circumstance that you run out of battery.

You will also need to find out the life expectancy of the batteries to make certain that you will be able to take pictures longer. A digital camera battery will range from $40- $90 depending on its brand and manufacturer.


The third thing you need to determine is the PC connectivity the camera has. In some instances, your camera might not include a USB cable connecting to a computer. In this fashion, you need to purchase a USB cable with a price range of at least $10- $30 depending on the length and the connector it uses.

Camera Cases or Bags

To be able to protect this delicate gadget, it is wise to purchase a carrying bag or case. This will definitely shield your digital camera from scratches and serve as a very good LCD screen protector. A camera case or bag could cost from $10- $30 or more for a large bag made for digital SLR cameras.


A tripod is a camera accessory which can help you shoot specific type of photos where a stationary camera is required. This accessory has a price range of $5- $250 dollars. Make certain that the tripod you will purchase will be able to hold your camera’s weight.

Care and Maintenance

It is imperative to take care of your prized digital camera, so purchasing a good quality cleaning equipment is a good investment. This will usually include a lens cloth, a lens blower and a good lens brush.

In the event that there is damage or malfunction in your camera such as a broken LCD screen, then it is recommended that you only bring this delicate device to an experienced digital camera repair shop.

Doing your research and looking at the prices of these products and services can significantly help you evaluate the true cost of owning a digital camera. The more informed and detailed you are on these specific costing, the more prepared you will be in owning your very own digital camera.

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