Mind Control – Easy Tips on to Make It Simple

Believe it or not, a lot of people can actually perform mind control. This is not necessarily like the mind control you see on TV, but controls of the mind in terms of manipulation wherein you try everyone try affecting the behavior or actions of other people.

From one’s home to the office and even to the grocery shop downtown, everyone experiences and performs some form of manipulation. Some people might be passive about it, others might abuse it, but manipulation is there.

Manipulation, as a form of mind control, can be quite evil, but there are those who use it for doing well and in a very healthy way. Below are some tips that you can actually follow in performing mind control.

Complimenting people whenever you can will make them feel important because by giving out specific and honest compliments, you can be sure that they will start to trust you.

And by giving compliments whenever you can, it will come more naturally to you. Giving out compliments will not just be a window for manipulation for but will be a trait that will make people like you more.

By being honest, people will really see that you mean well and will trust you even more. People can easily spot insincere comments and attempts at mind control, which is why it is better to be honest.

Another form of controlling minds is by being an inspiration to others. By inspiring other people, you make them see you as a role model and make them change their goals and aspirations to be in line with yours.

Keep in mind that forcing other people to adhere to a certain mindset by threatening them will not do anything good for you or those you try to impose mind control on. Instead inspire rather than threaten, just like the best leaders of most progressive countries.

Also, you should also strive to not just inspire other people, but to be inspired by people as well. Take an interest in them — this will give your insight into the people you want to manipulate. If you want people to take part in your cause, try to be genuinely interested in their lives.

Do take note that before you can influence other people, you need to learn how to communicate effectively. You need to understand your viewpoint so that you may be able to relay it directly and concisely.

Mind control works best with people or a group of people that you know well. It also works best when you know that person intimately. Family members, close-knit friends, and anyone who has put their trust in you can potentially be a candidate for mind control. And if you want to keep a healthy relationship with these people, you better keep your mind control tricks positive.

Information is like ammunition, wherein you can never have too much. Gather information from the same people that you have developed a close-knit relationship with or people who you can trust.

The problem with asking for information from random people is that you cannot immediately believe that what they say is fact or just mere gossip. But at the same time, gossiping about other people is not good, which is one of the good reasons why you will need an informant that can supply sufficient information to you without compromising your reputation.

In the end, the most important thing to remember when it comes to mind control is to keep positive and to avoid manipulating people into doing evil things.

That’s the deal with manipulation: even though they already know that what they will be doing is something bad, they will actually do anything for you because they trust you. It is that trust that bonds you and their actions, making you prone to destroying that connection if ever you misuse that trust.

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