The Social Network Marketing Debate

Many people are exploring the option of expanding their target audience through the use of Twitter, Facebook, and other communication mediums in order to expand their audience. However, there are many arguments relative to this type of advertising that must be considered before an individual invests in this type of advertising.

In its infancy, this medium was an open field that had not been tapped by most marketing professionals. However, in the last few years, the tide has turned and advertising in communication mediums has become saturated with mini-advertisements that are becoming less effective and, in some cases, harming advertisers in their efforts to attract sales.

When you are considering using the a communication network for advertising purposes, it is important to take into consideration that most people will not “read” an advertisement when they are looking for news, information or gossip in a snippet of data. Therefore, the most effective campaign will be one that uses news, gossip and information as the means to attract an audience.

The most effective advertising using this medium is incorporated as part of a holistic approach to connecting with a global audience. In order to create a cohesive advertising campaign, it is important to think in terms of the total message that will be conveyed, then break the message into segments that will be interesting reading in a 135-word snippet.

Using this strategy requires an individual to utilize a more personalized approach to readers than that used in articles and other types of advertising. Many people make the mistake of creating messages that are advertisements and lack any personal, interesting, information. These types of messages often do not accomplish the goal of having the reader visit a website or business.

One way to make you presence in this medium more effective is to have a clear understanding of the trivia that your audience is most interested in. An individual with a website selling car parts will be able to draw a wider audience by creating a informal communication campaign that provides car trivia to the reader in short, succinct snippets which end with the website.

Most participants are interested in trivia, gossip, or current events. By creating an interesting snippet that starts with something interesting to the reader, an individual will be able to reach their audience and provide the intriguing elements necessary to draw the reader’s attention to the website.

Without flexibility and adaptability in the maintenance of a social networking marketing campaign, an individual will find that they are wasting money on the effort. It is important that information be new and updated daily in order to maintain the presence and interest required in this area of sales that is required to attract a customer base.

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