How Perfect Makeup Can Bring Beauty to Your Shots!

A fashion photographer photographs models of all age groups, day in and day out. Did you know, it is not just photography that makes a good fashion photograph? Make up, and the elegance of the model of course, are equally important in a fashion photo shoot, if not more.

When any of these elements of photography, model quality and make up quality are substandard, the resulting image would be a substandard image.

┬áThe photographer needs to concern himself with elements such as the lenses and the cameras used, the background, the composition and the lighting. Those are his areas of expertise. The model needs to show up fresh and radiant for the shoot. Finally the makeup artist has to work towards covering up the model’s bad negative qualities and enhancing his or her positive features.

A few make up tips

Make up does have a big effect on the quality of the photo shoot. The very beauty products which we see in ads and on the market stores could be used in the studio to make a better picture. Normally the makeup artist would have a few assistants that each specialize in a certain area of makeup.


Any human being has a few dark spots around the face area, and these can easily be hidden with a little bit of concealer, as the name suggests it conceals the spots giving the skin an overall symmetry.


Foundation is applied on all areas of the face, and sometimes on hands and legs as well (just for the shoots – this is not mandatory make up). The foundation gives an overall smoothness to the skin, making it appear uniform in shade and tan.


Powder can be applied to the forehead and the cheeks to light the area up under the flash. Powder is generally a part of any lady’s make up box, and it does not take much skill in applying.


Make up men can bring a fresh feel to the face by working on the eyebrows. Eye pencils can be used around the eyes to give the model’s gaze a harder and intimate feel. Eye shadow is applied keeping the mood of the shoot and the color of the model’s clothes in mind. It is generally applied in limited quantities. Eye liner could be used to remove the look of fatigue, if the model does have that after many hours of shooting.


This is generally the final make up touch that is applied, and the makeup specialists usually use lip gloss and pencil to add the finishing to the lipstick.

Make up is something that need not take a lot of time. It can be done in only a few minutes, but it is not something that can be perfected in a day. The right man/woman can do a great job in a few minutes only, while the photographer changes his lighting for example.

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