Losing Belly Fat Without Gym Workouts

A physically fit and lean body is often considered the ideal body type. Looking at actors, actresses, models and other celebrities, the average individual might feel self-conscious. While most of the fat on the body tends to melt away with a good nutrition plan and regular exercise.

Unfortunately that stubborn belly fat might linger even after meeting your personal weight goals. While it might seem difficult to lose belly fat quickly, particularly when going to the gym is not an option, it is actually a simple process.

Start in the kitchen. The only way to get rid of belly fat is through a combination of exercise and diet. Write up a nutrition plan that cuts out sugary and high fat foods. Instead, add more whole grain carbohydrates, lean meats like fish and chicken and numerous vegetables.

Change snacks from cookies, chips and other junk food to fresh fruit which is low in calories and high in vitamins and minerals. While it is not necessary to completely cut out desserts, plan a dessert for only once or twice a week.

Desserts are high calorie foods that do not add nutritional value. Diet alone does not burn out all of the fat, but it helps lower body fat content by lowering calorie intake throughout the day.

Create an exercise plan. Exercise is a necessary part of losing belly fat and building up the muscles. You might wonder how to lose belly fat quickly without those gym workouts and it is possible to work on exercises in the home and still burn away that stubborn fat. Consider options for cardiovascular workouts at home.

 For example, a cardio workout at home might include dancing in your bedroom, walking or jogging around the neighborhood, going for a bike ride or riding roller blades in the local park. Cardio exercise helps burn fat from the body, so it is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle.

Add some muscle-building exercises as well. While burning the fat throughout the entire body will help burn the fat on the stomach, the only way to get a flat stomach or get six-pack abs is through muscle-building. Spend time working on crunches, sit-ups and push-ups are perhaps the best exercises for shaping and strengthening the abs.

 Add other exercises like squats, lunges and training with dumbbells to help continue the fat burning process throughout the body. It is not actually possible to burn fat only in one area, so strengthening and burning fat from the whole body will help improve the look of the stomach.

The final key to burning fat from the belly quickly is through varying the intensity of the exercises. For example, one day a week run for one hour and then work on strength training for half an hour. The next day, bike for 20 minutes and take off the muscle-building.

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