Music Should Be Your Hobby

Unless you want to lose the love for it, never make music your job, make it a hobby instead; unlike a job, hobby never bores one. The moment you start seeing music as a job, any little disappointment, you will lose focus and at that same moment you are automatically deteriorating the propensity of making it to the top in the music industry.

By definition, your hobby is what you enjoy doing regularly at your leisure time for pleasure. People choose their hobbies based on what they love most, in the sense that there are many things that can make you smile; you can feel excited doing over a hundred things for pleasure but, one thing appeals to you most.

 That same thing you can do with or without money is your Hobby. Therefore, if you really want to go far in the music business, you start considering making your hobby nothing else but music.

If you really want to achieve an incredible success in music, there is no beating around any bush, music should and must be your hobby, as a hobby, you do it over and over again for fun, for relaxation, eat with it, take a bath with it, on the bus, on the street, sing and rap it anywhere, anytime. It’s not madness, it’s simply a hobby and people will understand. Ha ha ha!

Your musical aspiration will still lack passion and commitment, until music is made your hobby. When there is no passion for what you do, you are likely not going to remain on it for so long. Passion ignites the eagerness for more and more of what you do; a job that lacks passion also lacks commitment likewise music, when the passion is not there, the zeal for music dies slowly and completely in you.

When you are committed to something, it means you make out time every day to work on perfecting it; Music is all about practice, and practice makes perfect. As a musician, you will surely aspire to be known worldwide through your music, perform on international stages, win awards after awards for making sweet music.

It is not bad, that is supposed to be the dream and prayer of every musician. All these are prizes, now hear this “There is a Price for every Prize” period. When you lack passion and commitment for what you do, paying the price becomes unrealistic.

There is no big company without a love for their business/product. Do music for the love first and then the money will follow. Learn and train hard to be the best in your genre; People will pay you more, not necessary because you don’t have a competitor but simply because you are competent in what you do this applies to everything in life.

So make your music a hobby, have passion for it, be committed to it and the sky will be your limit.

Convert Your Waiting Time Into A Training Time

Use your waiting time to practice and prepare yourself for the task ahead. For every prize, there is a price. Being successful is not as easy as we think. It takes months and years of preparation. Have you played any song or watched a video that you don’t want to repeat again before?

 I have, some of them lacks message, the Artist lacks many things, he/she is not competent and not prepared. Practice makes perfect and competency is developed through practice. Laugh yourself first before the public. Practice! Practice! Practice!

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