Movie Must Sees in Germany

Germany is an interesting place to be in. It is actually very rich in culture as it is one of the oldest places in history. But setting aside the historical facts about Germany, there are also quite a few things that the country can be proud of. Hollywood is not just the place where good movies are being made, but Germany has quite a few movies that people might be interested to see.

One of the latest interesting films made in Germany is the movie called Goodbye Lenin wherein a young man named Alex deceives his poor mother that the old Germany still exists. And so, he goes to great lengths just to keep his mother alive, even if it means deceiving her that the ideals her mother used to believe in still exist in Germany.

Another German movie worth watching is DA Boot which will make everyone hold on to their seats for the plot centers around a German captain and his young crew who are all in U-Boat.

They have been badly hit but instead of them going back home, they are headed to the Mediterranean Coast where more enemies are present. It is a thrilling movie that was made and shown in Germany in 1981.

For drama, there is the Die Rattan wherein after the World War, a young pregnant woman desperately finds her long lost boyfriend. But after her futile attempts and giving birth, she has decided to give her baby up for adoption.

But with a change of heart, she now wants to claim back her child from its adoptive parents. This movie has actually won awards in a movie festival held in the country and is highly respected as one of the greatest movies.

Of course, a European country like Germany will not be complete without a movie about vampires. And so here comes the Vampire, a tale about a young man who discovers tales about vampires when visiting a castle where an old man he previously met died, leaving two daughters with one who is sick.

In this vampire movie, it is considered to be very disturbing and shows evidences of evil that is ever being present. Dubbed as one of the best horror movies, it should definitely not be missed.

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